What It Is

This brow-perfecting balm defines, sculpts and fills, for fuller, natural-looking brows. Luxurious, smudge-proof-formula glides on and blends seamlessly to create perfectly arched brows that stay in place all day without a second thought or application.

Paraben free, gluten free, Passover approved, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, never tested on animals

What’s Inside

Vitamins C & E are powerful antioxidants that protect and condition brows, helping to combat the damaging effects of free radical scavengers.

How To Use

Apply using a brow brush. Work color into brows with short strokes. Blend.



1Does your brow powder really stay on all day?
Yes. Our top priority in formulating our powder was to ensure that it stayed on all day. It doesn't run in the rain. It is water resistant. It will fade if you go swimming.
2Is there anything I can do to make it last even longer?
If you first apply our white outliner stick it will waterproof the brow powder.
Why This Works So Well:
- Powder particles carry the color.
- The trick is to get the color particles to stick to your hair.
- The sticky white pencil will help powder stick right to the individual hair.
3Can I buy 2 powders and then blend them to get a custom color that's just right for me?
Absolutely! This is the other big advantage powder offers. Most common choices for blending we find are: Brunettes with auburn highlights blend auburn with either light or dark brown. Blondes blend light brown with blonde to control the darkening themselves.
4What powder shade should I choose?
The rule of thumb for brow color is for dark haired people to go one or two shades lighter for their brows and for light haired people to go two shades darker. Many African-American and Hispanic women report that the dark brown powder works exceptionally well (although we do get some who report black was best). Asian women tell us that the soft black powder creates a beautiful look for them. Here you can't tell where the powder ends and the real brow hairs begin. The brow powder color is as close as possible to the color of the eyebrow hair. To see the whole how to section click here. Notice in this image the brow powder covers both the skin and hair to create a completely new brow color. Sparse and light brows can go with a color different from their brow hair.
5How long will your powder last; how many applications will I get?
It should last for about 6 - 8 months. Powder can be re-ordered separately when you run out.
6Eyebrow powders versus pencils -what can powder do for me?
Eyebrow powder is simple to apply evenly and quickly. It creates those perfect edges that grace magazine covers, when applied with a stencil. For those with sparse areas or faint color, powder adds both color and volume. This creates an overall softer effect than the application of simply color.