What It Is

An all-natural blend of seed oils and plant extracts based on an ancient formula for hair regrowth & health

What It Does

-Nutrient rich oils promote growth
-Anti-inflammatory properties heal follicles
-Oil moisturizes hair creating soft healthy hair
-Contains horsetail extract - a known hair growth stimulator
-Massage gently into brows for at least 8 weeks


1Will this work for me?
This product will work, provided your hair follicle hasn't died. If a hair follicle actually has died, it will not regrow hair. No products can make a hair follicle come back to life. However, the follicle can still be alive but not growing hairs. The reasons cited above are the most common reasons for a follicle not growing a hair or growing it out thinly.
2How do I apply this product?
Use the mascara wand to gently brush the oil into the brow area. Massage the oil into the skin for several minutes. Repeat each evening. The nutrient rich oil should be in contact with the hair root when your hairs enter into a growth phase. Individuals of course vary but your body should enter into this cycle (at least) every 8 weeks.
3When should I expect to see results?
You should expect to see an improvement within 8 weeks.